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Kim Crawford Sauv Bl 375ML

Kim Crawford Sauv Bl 375ML

Among top 3% of all wines in the world



Kim Crawford


Sauvignon Blanc


New Zealand / South Island / Marlborough

Wine style

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc


Contains sulfites



What does this wine taste like?

Citrus, grapefruit, lemon

5802 mentions of citrus notes

Tropical, passion fruit

3046 mentions of tropical notes

Pear, green apple, peach

2511 mentions of tree fruit notes

Grass, gooseberry, strawberry

1494 mentions of vegetal notes

Minerals, stone, honey

869 mentions of earthy notes

Cheese, cream, banana

269 mentions of yeasty notes

Butter, oak, vanilla

263 mentions of oaky notes

Pepper, lemon grass

247 mentions of spices notes

Honeysuckle, elderflower

156 mentions of floral notes

Strawberry, watermelon

53 mentions of red fruit notes

Blackcurrant, plum

41 mentions of black fruit notes

Toast, nutty, almond

29 mentions of ageing notes

Dragon fruit, fig

10 mentions of dried fruit notes


Food that goes well with this wine



Goat cheese

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